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Kathryn Rhoden

Kathryn Rhoden
Mrs. Kathryn Rhoden
Associate Director, CWSP Partner Relations
Cristo Rey Richmond High School 
315 N. Belmont Avenue
Richmond, Virginia 23221 
Main Office: 804-447-4704 
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Mrs. Kathryn Rhoden

Associate Director, CWSP Partner Relations

Kathryn “Kat” Rhoden, a Richmond native, graduated from James Madison University with a B.S. in Political Science and English.  She worked in Richmond, Virginia, for Overnite Transportation Company as a Customer Development Specialist and a Contract Supervisor. After six years of corporate experience, she enrolled in graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University and received her Master of Teaching degree with a concentration in Secondary English. This led to a position at Deep Run High School as an English teacher. Within her years of teaching, she took a break to found and direct Providence Montessori Christian School, a Montessori preschool still in existence on the northside of Richmond. Currently, Mrs. Rhoden enjoys waking up to sunrises after hiking in the mountains, drinking Blanchard’s Dark as Dark coffee, eating really good food with friends, attending church, talking theology with her husband, and receiving long phone calls from her two daughters.

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