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Cristo Rey Richmond

What is Cristo Rey Richmond High School?

Cristo Rey Richmond is a unique co-ed, college-preparatory school that provides a safe, affordable, Catholic education to students from families who would not otherwise have access to private education. 

What is the Cristo Rey Network?

Cristo Rey Richmond is one of 39 schools in the Cristo Rey Network. The Cristo Rey Network is comprised of high school across the United States that provide a quality, Catholic preparatory education to young people who live in urban communities with limited educational options. You can learn more about The Network here.

Who are Cristo Rey Richmond High School students?

Cristo Rey Richmond students are motivated young men and women who desire a quality college prep education and practical work experience. 

How much will Cristo Rey Richmond cost?

The cost of a Cristo Rey education is over $17,000 per student for the 2023-2024 school year; however, on average NO FAMILY pays this amount. The CWSP supports over 50% of the cost of each student’s education, while traditional fundraising will cover an additional 35%. Currently, no family will pay more than $200.00 per month. Need-based scholarships are given to those students who qualify by existing deadlines. 

What is the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP)?

CWSP is an innovative program where students earn 50% of their education cost, gain job experience, and realize the relevance of classroom learning while providing real services to local businesses. Every student at Cristo Rey will go to school four days a week and go to work for their fifth day.

How does CWSP work?

Companies contract with the Corporate Work Study Program for full time, entry level jobs. The CWSP is separately incorporated, functioning like a temporary employment  agency within Cristo Rey schools. Cristo Rey students are employees of the CWSP, not of the Corporate Partner. Thus, the Corporate Partner pays a competitive annual fee to the CWSP, not to the student. Four students share one job and provide coverage Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., from September through June. Students rotate their schedules, each working five full days a month. Academic schedules are structured so that students never miss class. All payroll, legal, tax, logistics, and transportation issues are handled by CWSP. The US Department of Labor has authorized Cristo Rey to operate the Corporate Work Study Program within federal child labor laws, and all Cristo Rey students complete proper I-9 form documentation. 

Where will Cristo Rey Richmond students work?

Companies all across the Greater Richmond-area have committed to hiring students though our Corporate Works Studies Program and are called our “Corporate Partners.” Corporate Partners include non-profits, law firms, hospitals, financial institutions, and more!

What are the Admissions Criteria? 

Cristo Rey Richmond welcomes students of all faiths who demonstrate academic potential, employability, and a commitment to succeeding in school and life. We accept students with varying interests and aptitudes. The admission of each student is based on the completion of six admissions steps: 

     (1) Confirm Eligibility

     (2) Online Application

     (3) Submit Academic Documents

     (4) Entrance Exam

     (5) Family Interview

     (6) Financial Aid Application

Do students need above average grades to apply?

We are committed to working with students of all ability levels. They must be willing and fully committed to achieving the high expectations of Cristo Rey Richmond.

Are there extracurricular activities, clubs and sports? 

Yes! Sports, clubs and extracurricular activities will be offered throughout the school year.

Will students have uniforms? 

Yes, the school is designed to reflect the dress and atmosphere of a corporate workplace. As such, the students wear a uniform daily. 

How many students will Cristo Rey Richmond accept? 

Up to 80 new freshmen and 10-20 sophomore transfer students will join the Cristo Rey family for the 2024-2025 school year. 

How do I apply? 

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