Transforming Richmond One Student at a Time

Academic Overview

Cristo Rey Richmond

What we believe…
This is important. You can do it. We won’t give up on you.

College Ready in Four Years

Our goal at Cristo Rey Richmond is for ALL of our students to graduate from high school and college. To this aim, our students are challenged by college-preparatory content and tasks, and the rigor they face increases in measured and meaningful ways as they move up in grade level. Our classroom instruction centers our students’ voices, and students are asked to explain their thinking and provide evidence in support of their ideas in order to build their academic capacity and confidence.

To make this vision a reality, students are in smaller classes with expert instructors. Teachers take part in extensive professional development and work relentlessly and collaboratively to foster student achievement. Students receive academic support and enrichment that meet their needs. We know our students well, and we are able to differentiate the content for their abilities and understanding.

At the same time, we understand the backgrounds of our students, and we work with them and their families to meet their academic goals. We care about our students as individuals, and we respect their God-given talents both inside and outside of the classroom.

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