Transforming Richmond One Student at a Time


Cristo Rey Richmond High School


Cristo Rey students engage in coursework designed to prepare them for success in college and beyond.

The Cristo Rey Richmond curriculum is designed to prepare students for success in college and beyond. Our faculty works closely with each student to help them develop professional and life skills, including effective communication, reasoning, accuracy, persistence, teamwork and collaboration, initiative and self-direction, and productivity and accountability.

Additionally, our curriculum also integrates the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP). Through CWSP, all students work in a professional setting, developing the knowledge and skills to prepare them well for college and the professional work environment. Our unique combination of classroom and workplace learning prepares Cristo Rey Richmond students for success in high school, college and the years to come.

Four-year Academic Program & Graduation Plan

Minimum Graduation Requirements: 32.5 credits
  • English (4 Credits)
  • Math (4 Credits)
  • Religion (4 Credits)
  • Science (4 Credits)
  • History (4 Credits)
  • Electives (2 Credits)*
  • Foreign Language (3 Credits)
  • Health/PE (1 Credit)
  • Fine Arts (0.5 Credit)
  • CWSP (4 Credits)
  • Student/College Success (2 Credits)

* Elective options are subject to change depending on student interest and teacher availability.

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