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Corporate Work Study Program

I am worried I won’t have enough work for my student workers. Where can I find ideas?

Supervisors can access the supervisor portal for resources, work recommendations, and office hours every Monday at noon.  Cristo Rey also hosts supervisor gatherings virtually and in person to facilitate the exchange of information.

Does the work I provide have to be subject matter that interests my intern?

No.  Regardless of subject matter, the students are learning valuable corporate skills such as emailing, paying attention to details, professional conduct, calendar use, Excel, Word, engagement with adults, and participation in meetings.

Occasionally, I’m not in the office to supervise my student worker. What are my options?

While it’s important for an adult to be accessible for a student worker at all times, a co-worker can fill in for the primary supervisor.  This is a common practice for a number of supervisors who share in the supervisory responsibilities.  Moving a student worker from department to department throughout the day can provide a varied experience for the student worker and can help support a number of adults who may not have a full day’s work but have a few hours worth of work appropriate for Cristo Rey interns.

What is an approximate time commitment as a supervisor?

Most supervisors can expect student workers to be present from 9:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.  Preplanning can take 10-15 minutes weekly to ensure a smooth transition throughout the work day.

After working with my student worker for a while, I have noticed some things recently that give me concern. Is it okay to talk to my student worker?

If you are concerned about the well being of your intern, please reach out to the school and let them know what you are observing.  It’s okay to check in with your intern to see if the intern needs or wants a break from the usual work routine. Perhaps walking outside, listening to music, or taking a snack break will help.

What is protocol if the student worker gets sick at work?

Call the CWSP phone number at 804.382.3259.  The CWSP team will handle all transportation and communication needs with parents/guardians and students.  No parents should be involved or have contact with corporate partners.

At the end of each day, I am asked to complete a time card. What does the rating on the time card mean, and how does it factor into the student worker’s academic performance?

The rating on the time card gives our CWSP team information about a student’s performance at work.  Additionally, adding detailed comments for our team helps start the conversation regarding how we can applaud a student’s efforts at work or how we can support a student at work for greater success.  Students also receive a CWSP grade based on time card scores.

For more information or questions, please contact our Corporate Work Study team at CWSP@CRISTOREYRICHMOND.ORG or (804) 447-4704.

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