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Academic Support

Cristo Rey Richmond High School

Academic Supports

At Cristo Rey Richmond High School, we know students can face enormous challenges that can impede their learning and growth. While we hold high academic expectations for students, we offer high levels of academic support, including:

  • Student Success/College Success Class – students learn effective academic habits,
    test preparation, and study skills.

  • Teacher Office Hours – students have the opportunity to receive help directly from
    their teachers 4 days per week.

  • Mandatory Office Hours – if a student has failed a course at the time of Progress
    Reports or Report Cards, they will be assigned to mandatory office hours with our
    Dean of Student Achievement.

  • Retakes – students are required to retake an assessment in which they earn less than

  • Academic Plans | Contracts – Students who need extra support will have the
    opportunity to write academic plans and or academic contracts to hold them
    accountable for their success.

  • Family Conferences – if a student is struggling with classes, we will schedule a family
    conference to build a partnership between the student, family, and teacher.

Grading Policy & Philosophy

We use grades as a communication tool with students and families regarding a student’s mastery of the content. Relevant, timely, and informed grades are an essential tool towards student efficacy and independence. We strive towards equity and transparency in our grading policy. To this aim, our teachers post grades at least once a week, and students have multiple opportunities to show mastery of content. Further, we use a growth mindset in regards to grades (eg. not yet passing), and we commit ourselves to the success of each and every student. Finally, we recognize grades are subjective, and as such, they are never seen as absolutes nor are they defining factors among which we judge our students.

A student’s end of year grade will be comprised of:

  • Formative/Summative Coursework = 80% (including quizzes, tests, homework, classwork and projects)
  • Midterms + Finals = 20%

Progress Reports & Report Cards

Parents and guardians can monitor their student’s academic progress and attendance regularly by checking PowerSchool. Contact to set up an account or reset your login credentials. The academic year is divided into two semesters (Fall and Spring). Within each semester are quarterly grading periods (approximately every 10 weeks). Progress reports will be emailed twice each quarter, and report cards will be mailed at the end of each semester. The final grade in a course is the average of each semester’s work.

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