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College Advising

Cristo Rey Richmond

Freshman Year - Set Your Sights On College - Storming Phase

  • Don’t be afraid to take courses that challenge you.
  • Create a free account to save your courses, activities, and more to obtain micro-scholarships to various colleges.
  • Get to know our University Partners.
  • Research ways to save and pay for college.
  • College App & Admissions Timeline – A timeline and set of resources that track the college search and application process from 9th through 12th grade.
  • Activity Log – Get involved in a couple of clubs, sports or other extracurricular activities either at your school or in your local community. Keep track of your engagement over time on this simple spreadsheet.
  • How do I learn best? – Take this quick quiz and get study tips based on your learning style.
  • Challenge yourself academically – Take advantage of the course offerings and don’t be afraid to ask about higher level classes if you aren’t feeling challenged.
  • How to Study Effectively – Improve your study skills and build new habits with this low cost video course from Udemy.
  • Be careful with your social media use – Any words or pictures you post are part of your permanent online record. If it’s something you wouldn’t want your grandparent to see, maybe don’t post it.
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