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Raju Jaini

Raju Jaini
Mr. Raju Jaini
Science Instructor
Cristo Rey Richmond High School 
315 N. Belmont Avenue
Richmond, Virginia 23221 
Main Office: 804-447-4704 
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Mr. Raju Jaini

Science Instructor

Raju Jaini believes that the future is bright and ripe with opportunity, and has found that his calling is to be a catalyst for positive change in the world.

Mr. Jaini started his first technology company when he was 10 years old, and has since continued his entrepreneurship ventures into the fields of Technology, Construction, Chemistry, Farming, Materials Science, Gas Stations, Green Energy, Restaurants, Nanotechnology, Real Estate, Cloud Technologies, and Education. With his degrees in Chemistry, Computer Science, and Administration, Mr. Jaini loves inventing, learning, and participating in the world of ‘WHAT’S NEXT?’. Some of his most recent ‘what’s next?’ adventures included rocketeering as a NASA Aerospace WRATS Fellow, creating nationwide curriculum units as a Yale Fellow, and co-creating material science solutions for the next generation technologies of batteries, medical delivery devices, and space exploration.

Most recently, Mr. Jaini served as the Director of Global Enablement and Strategic Programs for Dell Boomi, the first Integration Platform As A Service (iPaaS) that solved data and application connectivity problems that EVERY online company has today. Enabling Boomi team members and customers globally, he was an instrumental catalyst in taking Boomi to its $4BN valuation and acquisition.

Although Mr. Jaini has held titles such as Director, President, Vice President, CEO, COO, CTO, and CIO ~ his most cherished titles are Father, Mentor, and Educator – for it is through serving the next generation that he has realized his dream of catalyzing change in our world. Beyond the 11 children he raised/is raising, Mr. Jaini has beloved mentees all over the world that are CxOs, thought leaders, futurists, distinguished engineers, change makers, and global citizens. To this end, Mr. Jaini has found his ‘happy place’ in life as a Servant Leader, Thought Philanthropist, and now Chemistry Teacher to the amazing students at Cristo Rey.

So, what’s next?  Mr. Jaini looks forward to being witness to how this CRR community will enable solutions oriented global impacts for many generations to come!

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