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Senior Year - Finish Strong - Adjourning

This is a critical time for seniors. By this point, you should hopefully have a close-to-final college list and be working on your college applications.

  • Review courses, graduation requirements, and scholarship opportunities with your College Counselor.
  • Make certain you are taking at least 2 AP classes.
  • Take the first SAT and ACT offered this fall.
  • Select at least 15 colleges to build your College List (6 Match, 3 Overmatch, 3 Undermatch, and 3 University Partners) of the colleges you plan to apply to.
  • Keep track of the application and financial aid offices for school-specific scholarship information, deadlines, and forms.
  • Use the Common Application to submit your college applications or apply directly to the college or university.
  • If you are a student athlete, request to have your final transcripts sent to the NCAA Clearinghouse for eligibility certification.
  • Letters of recommendation – This is a good time to check in with your recommenders to make sure they know your deadlines. And if you haven’t already, read this guide and then ask your teacher(s) if they’ll write a letter on your behalf.
  • College applications are live – Start familiarizing yourself with the information you need to gather. Some of the most popular applications include The Common Application, Coalition Application which is now SCOIR, University of California, Cal State University,  SUNY and/or UCAS.
  • How to Write a College Essay – Wondering how to get started on your college essays? This step by step guide and this video will walk you through the process.
  • Do you identify as Undocumented or a member of the LGBTQ+ Community? If you’re wondering how much to disclose in your personal statement, these guides might help you map out your content.
  • How to Decide Whether to Apply Early Decision or Early Action – Get answers to the most common questions and make sure you understand the limitations and the financial implications. ED/EA deadlines fall as early as October 15th.
  • CSS PROFILE: This financial aid form is required by some schools and scholarships. Submission windows open on October 1st. The FAFSA is another form that you must fill out to be considered for financial aid at all colleges, but it won’t open until January.
  • EOP Application Guide – Educational Opportunity Programs offer extra resources and support to help under resourced students succeed in college. If you’re applying to Cal State Universities, this guide is a must-read.
  • Connect with college admissions reps, either at your school, online or in your community. These sessions are important opportunities to let colleges know you’re considering attending their institution, which in some cases can help your chances.
  • QuestBridge and Posse Foundation – See if you qualify for these great opportunities to win a full ride or full-tuition scholarship to college. If you decide to apply to QuestBridge, this article is a must read.
  • Create a spreadsheet of requirements and deadlines – Keep track of application deadlines, number of required recommendation letters, scholarship deadlines, portfolio requirements, etc. all in one organized spot.
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